How to Commission a Fantasy Portrait by Kelly Hawes

You must complete the questionnaire below for Kelly to provide you with an initial quote for your painting, not including shipping. Providing this initial quote by e-mail does not constitute a contract for a commission. If you indicate that you want to proceed after receiving the base quote, you will need to e-mail photos of yourself to Kelly. Kelly will then place a phone call to you to discuss your preferences for the painting, as the information you provide in the questionnaire is only used as a guide for the phone conversation. Kelly gains artistic inspiration from hearing your voice and discussing your personality and interests. If, during or after the phone conversation, you decide to place a commission for the painting, Kelly will send a contract with the final price quoted during the phone conversation. Work will not begin on your painting until Kelly receives the signed contract and deposit from you.

Fantasy Portrait Questionnaire
Completing this questionnaire does not constitute a contract with Kelly Hawes.

First Name: Middle: Last Name: Title:
         City: State/Region:
Telephone:( )  

Best Time to Call:
   Morning:    Afternoon:    Early:   Evening:   Late Evening :

As the artistic process takes time, Kelly cannot guarantee to complete your work by a particular deadline, but she will try to work with your schedule, if possible. Do you desire this painting by a particular date?
If yes, please list: (mm/dd/yyyy)

Appromixate Size of Canvas Desired for Painting

10" x 12" - Minimum price: $300
12" x 16" - Minimum price: $400
16" x 20" - Minimum price: $600
22" x 24" - Minimum price: $700
24" x 30" - Minimum price: $800
24" x 36" - Minimum price $1200
If you desire a specific size canvas not listed above, please list
Type of painting desired:
                                                        Bellydancer     Mermaid     Goddess

Please tell Kelly a little about your personality:

If you are a dancer, please describe your favorite style of dance:

Please list the primary color you would like Kelly to use for your costume/attire:

Please list any other colors you want to appear in your costume/attire:

Please list any particular colors you want to appear in the background:

Please list any colors you DO NOT wish to appear prominently in the painting:

Do you have a favorite animal that you want represented in your painting?

If you prefer a particular background setting, please select from the following:
Night Sky
Tropical Beach
Stage with a Proscenium Arch
Other background? Please describe:
Please list any special themes, motifs or items you would like to appear in the paintings


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